• Houses
    Wood frame, brick, concrete or steel homes, foundation and all, or just the structure.
    We can move it all or just part.
  • Modular Buildings
    Modular units built or made to be transported or not can be moved.
    Many of these actually maintain their structural integrity better when
    moved in their entirety.
  • Metal/Wood Structures
    Guaranteeing the structural integrity of the unit we are moving is our second priority
    after safety.
  • Leveling
    "R" Little specializes in raising, levelling and re-levelling houses,
    portables, and mobile homes. We are also specialized in concrete
    slabs and foundation repair.
  • Double Wide Mobile Homes Moved Whole
    Our ability to move double wide mobile homes in a single piece makes the move easier
    for the customer. The belongings and furniture DO NOT have to be removed from
    the home for the relocation.
  • Historical Moves
    "R" Little Enterprises has moved historical structures that date back to
    1868. We have worked with historical societies in several cities to help
    preserve the historical value of these structures.
  • Storage Units
    No building too big or too small. We can help get that storage unit to just the
    right place.
  • Demolition
    We have the equipment, man-power and the know how to do any
    demolition job, no matter the size.