• Trucks
    We have three main lifting and pulling trucks; a 1986 Ford F9000,
    a 2001 Kenworth and a 2003 Mack. Several others are in the
    "building process". We build and maintain all of our own vehicles
    and machinery; therefore we know the maintenance schedules
    and reliability of every piece of equipment
    before it even arrives at a job site. 
  • Beams
    From 5"x5"x12'1/4" to 16"x16"x103'1 1/2" thick and everything
    in between. "R" Little Enterprises has the correct beams at our
    disposal to accommodate the movement of your house/structure.
  • Lifting
    From proprietary lifting systems to commercially available
    lifting systems, "R" Little has spent over 40 years building
    our inventory and keeping up with modern advancements.
    We use hydraulic, air and mechanical jacks depending on the
    job requirements.
  • Dollies
    "R" Little Enterprises owns many types of dollies with different
    suspension systems. From pan dollies to air ride to spring
    suspension, each dolly or dollies is picked according to the job at hand.